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Tattoo Removal

You’ve got tattoos that you don’t like no more? You changed your life and want to get rid of your tattoos? We’ve certainly got the right solution for you.


Tattoo removal by Q-switched NdYag laser "Revlite"

A medical laser treatment allows for removing most tattoos, the majority of permanent make-ups and so-called accidental tattoos.


With "Revlite" made by ConBio (Cynosure), we use an excellent state-of-the-art device for removing tattoos.

The device’s outstanding technical properties facilitate better and faster removal even of multi-colored tattoos without any scarring by four different wave lengths (light colors) in just one laser.


However, even this extremely powerful and fast four-color-laser usually requires several treatment sessions at 6-8 weeks intervals to fully remove all pigments.


Within the scope of a detailed personal interview, we will evaluate the options and mutually define the best method to remove your tattoo. Please call us to make an appointment for a non-binding interview (044 387 99 20).

Tattoo removal, wave lengths and impact on Tattoos and Tattoo color


Tattooremoval with the new Picosecondlaser Picosure.

In collaboration with Dr.Christian Köhler and Barbara Köhler from "Prevention Center" in Zürich, we can provide you with treatments with this revolutionary exceedingly efficient new Laser. Especially for the very often problematic colours green , turquoise blue and light blue unprecedented results can be achieved with this Laser with only a few treatments.


Tattoo removal in just a few sessions by new method R20

Bodyclinic now also offers tattoo removal by so-called method R20 and R0, respectively.

For method R20, the tattoo is treated three times at 20 to 30-minute intervals in one session. Goal is to completely remove all pigments in only 1 or 2 sessions at an interval of 8 weeks in more than 50% of all cases.

This was postulated in a study performed by Dr. Theodore Kossida and Dr. Rox Anderson. Unfortunately, other researchers were not able to confirm these results to that extent. However, it turned out that the treatments required could be reduced at least by factor 2-3.

Kossida & Anderson’s study was published in the February 2012 edition of renowned "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology" (JAAD).


An abstract of the study (EN)

Optimal Tattoo Removal in a Single Laser Session (PDF)


Presentation at the Congress of the laser SGML 2013 (DE)

R20 method for tattoo removal (PDF)


With so-called method R0, a specific fluid serves to quickly dispel the gas bubbles formed within the course of the treatment. The laser sessions can thus be carried out in immediate sequence without any wait time. Additionally, Bodyclinic applies pre-treatment by fractional CO2 laser. This accelerates the pigments’ removal and is highly supportive to lift the skin surrounding poorly pre-treated tattoos that feature cicatricial skin alterations.

Furthermore, Bodyclinic pays special attention to pain reduction. Apart from applying anesthetic creme as pretreatment and intensely cooling respective parts of the body in treatment as usual, we also inject local anesthetics if requested. This facilitates a completely pain-free treatment.


It takes a detailed a personal interview to discuss the options and define the best method to remove your tattoo. Please call us to make an appointment for a non-binding interview (044 387 99 20).


More information on the laser



Reading recommendations as PDF

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Optimizing Outcomes of Laser Tattoo Removal (Jeremy B. Gree et al)

Tattoo Removal Comes of Age (Interview Dr. William Kirby and Rady Rahban)

Current Concepts in Laser Tattoo Removal



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