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Anti-ageing treatments offered in our clinic


Medical and cosmetic anti ageing skin treatment


Treatment of fine veins
spider veins on legs / face / body


250.- per session (15 min.)

Treatment of small benign skin tumours

250.- per session

Treatment of pigmented lesions

250.- per session


Skin rejuvenation with laser and IPL


Intensive light / heat treatment for skin tightening (collagen contraction) for face and body.


- mid-face and partial neck

650.- per session

- full-face and neck

1'150.- per session

- knee region or belly

650.- per session


Broadband "Intelligent Light" IPL treatment for age and sun spots, mottled complexion and redness

490.- per session


Lasertoning with the Laser "Revlite"
Improving the tonus and texture of the skin

290.- per session

from 4 treatments

10% discount

in combination with Jetpeel

15% discount


Treatments with the fractionated CO2 laser (E-CO2)

"Laser peeling"

750.- per session

Stage treatment in 2 weeks interval (3 sessions recommended)

650.- per session

Full facial treatment for pigment changes
Wrinkles in the eye and mouth areas and general skin rejuvenation

1'250.- per session

Treatment of the eye area only

650.- per session

Treatment of acne scars

from 250.- per session

Treatment of scars and treatment of stretch marks

from 250.- per session


Tattoo removal with the Q-switched 4 wave laser Revlite

Plain, dark tattoos

from 250.- per session

Multicolored, complex tattoos

from 450.- per session

R20 (3 treatments in 1 session), plain / one color

from 450.- per session

R20 (3 treatments in 1 session), multi-colored

from 750.- per session


JetPeel treatments

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and skin revitalization


Cleaning and lymphatic drainage


195.- per session

face and neck

215.- per session

face, neck and cleavage

245.- per session


Set of treatments, JetPeel face

from 4 treatments

in combination with Revlite



10% discount

15% discount


Microneedeling (Dermapen®) with personalized serum cocktail

For better skinstructure, fine wrinkles and tightening.

Only available in subscription     


550.- 3 sessions

face and neck

610.- 3 sessions

face, neck and cleavage

700.- 3 sessions

Treatment interval 2 weeks     


In combination with 3x Jetpeel

+ 550.- 3 sessions

Treatments alternating, start with Needling     


Microneedling (Dermapen®) with platelet rich plasma without injections

skintightening, wrinkle reduction and scar treatment


420.- per session

face and neck

480.- per session

face, neck and cleavage

540.- per session

Treatment interval 4-6 weeks     


Microneedling (Dermapen®) with personalized serum cocktail
and platelet rich plasma "vampire lift"
Arthrex®, PCT personalized cell therapy

skintightening, wrinkle reduction and scar treatment


850.- per session

face and neck

950.- per session

face, neck and cleavage

1050.- per session

Treatment interval 4-6 weeks     


Vistabel® (Botulinum toxin A)

Injections to smooth out wrinkles by resting the overactive muscles of facial expression.

Forehead frown lines

from 350.- per session

Forehead full

from 450.- per session

Forehead full + crows feet

from 500.- per session


Botox® (Botulinum toxin A)

Injection treatment to reduce excessive sweating in armpits and palms

Armpits on both sides

800.- per session

Palms on both sides

900.- per session


Treatment with Teosyal (cross-linked hyaluronic acid)

Injection of wrinkles

from 450.- per session

Lip augmentation

from 550.- per session

Facial contouring

from 650.- per session



All prices are in CHF.


We provide you with an exact quotation during a personal consultation which involves no commitment on your part whatsoever. The first consultation costs 150.-. In case that You decide to have a treatment with us, 100.- will be counted as prepayment for Your first treatment. Please arrange an appointment with our office (Telephone: +41 (0) 44 387 99 20).


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