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Prices for Bodyshaping / Bodyforming / Bodycontouring


Injection Lipolysis ("fat away injection")

For the reduction of local fat deposits

from 350.- per session

(there are additional costs of 125.- CHF for the used drug)


Microneedling (Dermapen®) with serum

for better skin structuire and tightening

only available in subscription

e.g. Saddlebags, knees, upper arms, abdomen

250.- per session

From 3 treatments

10% discount

In combination with AWT

15% discount


Bodygee 3D full body documentation

Single measurement including interpretation



KryoShape (Cryo Lipolysis)

Fat reduction by cold

1 zone belly with extra large applicator


1 zone small/medium


2 zones simultaneously
(Ex. hips/saddle bags)



Serial treatments for body contouring / Treat to Transform (T2T)

For 3 treatment zones or more, 10% discount on the total amount


KryoShape in combination with other bodyforming treatments
10% discount for immediate payment of the entire invoice amount.


HCG Diet

4 weeks HCG treatment (23 - 28 days). Weekly follow-up appointments and exact instructions are included in the price.



Metabolic Balance®

Beauty from within - the comprehensive metabolic program



Body fat measurement with 'InBody 720'

Bio-impedance measurement for the determination of body fat, muscle mass, water content and its distribution

80.- Single measurement, including interpretation


AWT (accoustic wave treatment) Bodyshaping:

Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Waistline Reduction, Skin tightening



2 areas according to plan.

1 treatment


ca. 20-30 min.

e.g. Abdomen or buttocks or thighs forward.

Set of 5 treatments


Set of 10 treatments




4 areas according to plan

1 treatment


ca. 50-60 min.

e.g. Thighs and buttocks or thighs front and back.

Set of 5 treatments


Set of 10 treatments




All prices are in CHF.


We provide you with an exact quotation during a personal consultation which involves no commitment on your part whatsoever. The first consultation costs 150.-. In case that You decide to have a treatment with us, 100.- will be counted as prepayment for Your first treatment. Please arrange an appointment with our office (Telephone: +41 (0) 44 387 99 20).


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