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Kryolipolyse by KryoShape®
(Fat Reduction by cold)

Cryolipo, lipo-cryo, lipocryolysis : all of these terms describe an innovative method that serves to reduce locally stored body fat by the impact of cold.


It has been known for a long time already, that prolonged exposure of fatty tissue to cold can lead to a volume reduction of this tissue.


The idea to use this fact to reduce undesired localized fat deposits of the body was researched clinically by American scientists about 10 years ago. An American firm developed the first machine for clinical applications.


In the meantime, various devices functioning according to similar principles have been introduced to the market. Many of them are cheap imitations that cool inconsistently, which increases the risk of dermal damage while being poorly effective only.



With KryoShape®, Bodyclinic deploys state-of-the-art technology in this sector. As an innovation, the tissue is no longer simply cooled in between two plates - instead, the entire applicator is cooled fully and consistently. This significantly increases the volume of fat cooled and improves the results thus gained.

An important aspect in this approach is that the fatty layer is cooled sufficiently, while the skin surface must not be cooled to intensely to prevent frostbites. KryoShape® deploys accurate internal control measurements to ensure this.

(Avoid experiments on yourself using frozen ice pads - all you will gain therefrom is chilblains!).

Only one treatment serves to reduce the cooled fat pad volume by 25-30% in most cases. The respective reduction is induced by a longer-lasting inflammatory process in the fatty tissue. Therefore, it might also take 6-8 week - occasionally even up to 3 months - until the full result shows.


The treatment is perfect for rather small fat depots on belly, hips, upper arms or thighs that are hard to fight with diets only.


Except for a slightly unpleasant initial dragging feeling caused by the vacuum, the treatment is painless. For a few hours after the treatment, the skin will be reddened and sensitive to pressure. Side effects occasionally experienced might be bruises caused by the vacuum or - most rarely - slight dermal sensation disorders that last a few weeks.

The additional application of a sequence of AWT (“Acoustic Wave Treatment“) sessions is able to further improve the therapeutic result.


Right after the treatment you will be able to resume your normal activities. In order to improve the treatment outcome, we recommend reducing your weight by 1 to 2 kg.



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