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Injection Lipolysis / Anti-Fat Injection

What are “anti-fat injections”?

“Anti-fat injections” are perfect to reduce or even eliminate minor, unwanted fat pads that cannot be counteracted by work-out and a healthy diet. Normal-weight patients will benefit the most from this treatment even though obese patients will also be able to improve specific problematic areas with it. For this purpose, a drug compound containing phosphatidylcholine as main agent is injected right into the unwanted fat pads. The active ingredient is a natural preparation obtained from soy beans. It is also found in the human organism where it has various functions. The medical-scientific term used for the treatment is “injection lipolysis” or just “lipolysis”. However, in the vernacular it is rather known as “anti-fat injection”.


The treatment plan currently observed by us was devised by the “Lipolysis Network” research board headed by Dr. Franz Hasengschwander from Austria. The physicians who are members of this network (like myself) have applied several hundreds of thousands such treatments since 2003 and are consequently thoroughly experienced with it.


The drug used is made for the individual patient in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the Lipolysis Network for so-called magistral formulas and is exclusively available at pharmacies.

Fat pads disappear step by step

Using, ultra-thin needles, the preparation is injected right into the respective region. In this region, fat cells will ablate while fat reduction is increased at the same time. Thanks to its elasticity, the skin will retract and usually create a smooth, homogenous surface. All in all, this process will take about eight weeks.

Normally it takes 2 to 3 treatments of one region to achieve good results.

Regions suitable for treatment

The best results are achieved for the below-listed regions:

    - double chin
    - flabby cheeks (if caused by fat pads)
    - upper and lower abdomen
    - lower back (“love handles”)
    - hips (“muffin edges”)
    - fat-related tori on the back (e.g. below the bra)
    - post-liposuction corrective actions for dents or tori

Risks related to the treatment

Right after the treatment, nearly all patients first briefly experience some itching, then temporary reddening, swelling and bruises.

Occasionally, patients suffer from complaints similar to muscle soreness.


Within the 8 years that we have been practicing this kind of treatment, no patient has ever suffered from any other or more severe adverse side effects.

Further information

Paper about Injection-Lipolysis (PDF)



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