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HCG Diet (developed by Dr. Simeon)


Daily administration of the placental hormone HCG produces a feeling of fullness.


The reason for this is that the body is shifted into a state resembling pregnancy and then always attempts to maintain high levels of blood sugar. To achieve this, it mobilises stored and depot fat. Administration of HCG is coupled to a very low calorie diet of only 500 calories per day. This results in specific weight reduction in problem zones, without affecting the face or female breasts.
What is interesting is that there is no feeling of hunger of any sort. This is because the blood sugar concentration is never allowed to fall below a minimum level. There is never an excessively low level of sugar (hypoglycaemia), which normally causes attacks of intense hunger.
HCG also has a euphoric effect, improving the mood and increasing strength and activity. There is no tiredness or depression during HCG treatment.
Moreover, the result rapidly becomes evident. The patient is enthusiastic about the success, providing motivation to lose even more weight.
Studies have recorded and demonstrated this activity. Although there is a major reduction in volume (corresponding to 6-10 kg within 4 weeks), the skin remains very attractive. There are no folds and cellulite greatly improves.
The HCG diet works just as well for men as for women. The hormone has no unfavourable effects of any sort on the male body. In other words, there is no reason to fear unnecessary nipple growth or loss of potency. Men too are full of energy, even for intense physical activity.


Treatment procedure:


You inject yourself once daily sucutaneously with HCG. We will instruct you exactly how to do this. The exact time of day is unimportant for this. It is nevertheless best if the injection is always at the same time of day - always in the morning or evening, although not necessarily at the same hour of day.


The HCG effect only develops fully after the first 3 days. On day 4, the 500 calorie diet is started. This continues for 3 days after the end of the injection treatment (normally 23 days). You feel well during the diet. You do not suffer from hunger or weakness and remain full of energy and activity.


The average daily loss of weight is 300 kg during the treatment. The average total loss of weight for the whole treatment is about 7 kg. The only way of achieving optimal results is by keeping precisely to the diet.
During the weekly control in our practice, you will always be issued with the syringes. You can also discuss any questions about diet or any problems. These control appointments are included in the price of the treatment.




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