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3D skin rejuvenation

Tonus Textur Teint: a newly developed 3-step multilayer approach to skin tightening and rejuvenation.

  1. Titan: The Titan infrared light system offers targeted deep dermal heating to treat skin laxity. The infrared spectrum of the Titan is tailored to specifically heat the deep dermis with a sustained pulse, leading to immediate collagen contraction and visible skin tightening. Through the treatment the production of new collagen is activated over time (3-6 months) which in turn stabilizes the results.


  2. LaserGenesis: The Laser Genesis procedure targets the papillary dermis to improve skin texture, shrink pore size, reduce diffuse redness and improve fine lines and wrinkles. An NdYag Laser - designed to deliver microsecond pulses with a 5mm spot size at a very high repetition rate - is used to achieve the desired heating in the dermis, which has been shown to generate these impressive results.


  3. Limelight: A so-called "smart IPL" device is used as the third step. This special IPL device can be set both to the wave spectrum of light (520; 560; 600-1200 nm) and to the cooling stage of sapphire glass. This makes it possible to treat skin blood vessels (couperose/flushing) and superficial pigment changes (freckles, sun and age spots) and obtain general skin rejuvenation in 2-3 treatments.

Depending on the needs and desires of the client, this 3-step treatment can be done in one or multiple sessions and in different combinations.

For Titan we recommend 2 treatments one month apart and if necessary a third treatment after a further three months, for Lasergenesis we recommend 4-6 treatments at 2-week intervals and for Limelight we recommend 2-3 treatments at intervals of 2-4 weeks.


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