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Jet Peel 3V Treatment

invisible treatment – visible results


In this new high-tech treatment an air/water mix is applied to the skin at supersonic speed. Depending on individual dermal requirements, it is possible to simultaneously nourish the skin with vitamin solutions, hyaluronic acid or other substances.


With analyzing biopsies of treated skin under the microscope, research scientists of Leipzig University Clinic were able to proof that Jet Peel is able to insert droplets of hyaluronic acid up to 4mm under the skin surface. More information on facebook.


A Jet Peel treatment will yield best results for:

  • the skin’s intense cleansing and slight exfoliation;

  • revitalization and soothing by vitamin mixtures;

  • improved skin elasticity by hyaluronic acid.


    A major advantage is the fact that the treatment can be performed at any time of the year and for all types of skin. It takes only 1-2 treatments for your skin to appear refreshed and feel softer. The treatment is also perfectly suited do be performed shortly before special events for which you want to look Your best.


    The treatment is absolutely pain-free. In most rare cases it might cause slightly reddened skin for a short time (1-2 h). At the beginning, ideally 3 – 4 treatments should be applied every 1 – 2 weeks. In order to maintain your new-gained fresh look and skin elasticity, we recommend 1 –2 repeat treatments each 4 – 6 months.


    For our practice, we expect Jet Peel treatment to soon completely replace micro-dermabrasion and needle-applied mesotherapy.


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    TavTech Jet Peel 3v.


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